The Team

We're a diverse team, dispersed globally, but held together by our shared passion for radically transforming global retail and improving artisans' livelihoods.

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Jaron Soh

Founder | Mission Chief

Jaron started Artisan & Fox after a chance meeting with artisans in the Himalayas, in the aftermath of the 2015 earthquake. He leads business development and partnerships, forging relationships with artisans from Afghanistan to Kenya. Lover of anthropology + philosophy, and the Proms.


Sy Chia

Founding Member | Creative Guru

Sy takes pretty pictures, designs pretty logos, and generally makes everything look outstanding. An award-winning Art Director with years of experience in the advertising industry, Sy has worked on campaigns for the likes of Airbnb, Carlsberg and Lazada.

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Operations Whiz

Zee  possesses a keen understanding of all things e-commerce. As our logistical wizard, she keeps costs lean and mean, so we can pass on more of your $$$ to our artisans. She lives for beautiful sights, the arts, and mindfully appreciates the finer things in life.


Judith Sarra

Creative Marketing Analyst

Judith is passionate for marketing in new, creative and authentic ways. On a journey of self-discovery, Judith looks into all things digital and champions our voices. She loves cooking one-pot meals, and devouring it at one go shortly after.

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Keen to join our global team?

We're not recruiting at the moment, but if you feel that you have valuable skills to share - drop us a message through our contact form.


Denise Ho

Product Management Analyst

Denise enjoys doing creative work, discovering new experiences, and sorting out the kinks in UX/UI. Being an entrepreneur herself, she is excited about empowering small businesses and scaling innovative ideas to make the world a better place. 


Luckey Shahi

Nepal Artisans Coordinator

A Nepali with a thirst for adventure. Luckey is responsible for our artisan liaison, artisan communications and programme delivery for our outreach across the Himalayas. He lives for traveling, biking and the occasional fried chicken.