Discover the Threads Of Syria.

We are living through one of the largest humanitarian crises of our time.

Over 5 million Syrians have been forced to flee their homes, escaping violence to seek refuge in camps. However their struggle doesn't end there. Most refugees struggle to meet basic needs and suffer in impoverished circumstances.

Our silent encouragement for those affected by this crisis can translate into tangible support.

Threads of Syria aims to provide sustainable livelihoods to Syrian women and their families who have been displaced by war. All profits generated go directly to the refugees and their communities.

A pro-bono initiative by Artisan & Fox and the not-for-profit Tight-Knit Syria.

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The Syrian Scarf

Beautifully handmade scarves infused with Syrian embroidery.

These scarves are knitted in the colors of the Syrian flag. Each scarf is handmade by a Syrian woman refugee living in the Chatila refugee camp in Lebanon.

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Artisan: Malak

Malak is a beloved figure in the Chatila camp community. She often offers help to other Syrian families who are struggling to get by in the refugee settlement: offering food, cash, and other items to help other families and their children adjust to life in the camp.

Malak possesses a magnetic charisma, which is complemented by her keen eye for detail, generosity and entrepreneurial skills. She currently leads more than 20 other Syrian refugee women in an informal knitting co-operative. 

The co-operative offers flexible home-based work opportunities to other Syrians hoping to gain a source of income and support their children's growth. 

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Syrian embroidery

Our needs assessments have uncovered that each Syrian woman refugee has on average 17 years of experience in traditional needlework.

This is a cultural practice that many learnt as young women, a skill that were passed down from their mothers. These embroidery patterns are culturally distinctive to Syria.

Each wool scarf is infused with variants of these elegant Syrian handiwork.

The Lebanese state and the UNHCR are overwhelmed by the sheer number of Syrian refugees in Lebanon. As a result, many refugees are unable to gain legal status or receive support. We are tapping into the women's existing skills to create beautiful scarves that offers sustainable incomes, and help alleviate the crisis.

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A global partnership

Threads Of Syria is a joint initiative by Artisan & Fox and the not-for-profit Tight-Knit Syria. Tight-Knit Syria is led by Dana Kandalaft, a first-generation Syrian immigrant in Canada.

Dana's family originated from Syria, and she has been working with Syrian refugees in Lebanon and Northern Syria for the past 3 years. Her work focuses on helping to bridge Syrian women artisans and their extraordinary craftsmanship to northern American markets. Dana met Malek by chance 3 years ago when she was learning Arabic and working with NGOs in Beirut.

All proceeds from Threads Of Syria initiative goes to the Syrian women refugees and their wider camp community. Most of our operating expenses are self-funded. The Threads Of Syria brand is not owned by Artisan & Fox nor Tight-Knit Syria, and all branding assets will be gifted and vested to the Syrian women once they can formally register their co-operative.