We believe in a new type of sustainable business: working towards sustainable incomes for each artisan we collaborate with, in a way that is kind to the environment.


Beyond ethics.

We are built on the belief that ethical business can change the narrative for entire ecosystems in developing regions worldwide.

We are committed to creating longstanding impact in those communities, by working towards sustainable incomes and inclusive growth for each artisan that we collaborate with.

Artisans are guaranteed 50% of all gross profits from each item, and we provide micro-loans, pay for raw materials in advance, and even help open bank accounts when the need arises.


Kind to earth.

We also believe in questioning the status quo.

Artisanal production can at times be less eco-friendly. But by marrying traditional artisanal practices with modern up-cycling techniques, we encourage our artisan partners to source their materials locally and use eco-friendly materials whenever possible, such as our recycled brass ranges from Kenya and our up-cycled cowhide bags, or fully natural maguey bags from Mexico.


Rethink packaging.

We think outside of the shipping box. We broke up with plastic, and are committed to 100% recyclable and reusable packaging.

That’s why we keep our packaging fully unbranded, so you can regift and reuse, and share the love.

For our customers with an even bigger crush on the environment, we also offer packaging made up of miscellaneous shipping bags and materials that we accumulate over time from our artisan partners.

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We encourage our artisans to utilise eco-friendly and sustainable materials whenever possible. This includes byproduct leather, organic cotton, upcycled metals and fully organic plant-based weaves.