Syrian Camel Hair Shawl

Syrian Camel Hair Shawl


An exquisite, small-batch Syrian Camel Hair Shawl in golden-cotton threaded embroidery.

The base shawl is first fully handwoven from camel hair, before a distinctive Syrian motif embroidery is hand-stitched onto the piece.

Details: 100% camel hair, with golden thread embroidery. Sourced and handcrafted in Syria.

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Your Artisan

The Syrian Shawl is handwoven by the artisan Fatima in Syria, an internally-displaced Syrian artisan who was forced to flee her home with her family when the domestic conflict escalated.

75% of the profits from this sale goes to Sabbara Embroidery, a non-profit that provides education, dignified economic opportunity, and therapy workshops for women across Syria.

All the profits goes back to the women in need, helping women and their children stay in school, often in areas where NGOs are unable to reach.