SOLOLA Shawl in Seafoam Made in Guatemala

SOLOLA Shawl in Seafoam Made in Guatemala


Colors inspired by the sea, sun and coast.

This organic cotton Mayan shawl is handmade from traditional Mayan techniques.


  • Fully made from high quality, locally-sourced organic cotton threads in Guatemala.
  • Eco-friendly: Fully made by hand.


190cm x 36cm

Care Instructions:

  • Gently wash by hand with cold water, and let the shawl to dry by line.
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Your Artisan

The SOLOLA Shawl is fully handmade by women artisans in Guatemala. Made in jacquard looms, each piece takes between 12-24 hours to make by hand.

Artisans receive 65% of the profits from each purchase.

Learn more about the Guatemalan women co-operative here.