OROS Loomed Clutch in Sand

OROS Loomed Clutch in Sand

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Artisan Origins: Oaxaca, Mexico

A versatile cotton clutch in light grey and beige hues, made in a backstrap loom and fully sewn by hand.


  • Exterior is 100% made from locally-sourced cotton, with a polyester lining.


  • 23cm x 28cm.

Care Instructions:

  • Hand wash in cold water and lay flat to dry.

  • Otherwise, dry clean to avoid shrinkage.

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Your Artisans

The OROS Cotton Clutch is handmade by an incredible group of women weavers from Oaxaca, Mexico.

Like a family, each woman works alongside one another, weaving on the group's traditional backstrap looms.

Read more about our work with Mexican artisans here.