Straw Hat with Leather Accent

Straw Hat with Leather Accent


Artisan Origins: Cam Kim Island, Vietnam.

A unisex, simple straw hat, with an accented leather strap.


  • Vietnamese straw, unlined cow leather.


  • The crown measures 11cm x 8.5cm, with the brim measuring 6.5cm.

  • Available in circumference sizes S (56-58 cm) and M (58-60 cm).

Care Instructions:

  • Due to the handmade nature of this hat, please refrain from getting the hat wet. Please pack carefully while traveling to protect its structural integrity.

  • To clean, wipe gently with a damp cloth with a small patch of mild detergent. Afterwards, press dry with another cloth.

Hat Size:
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Your Artisan

This simple straw hat is handwoven by the artisan Thinh in Cam Kim Island, Vietnam.

Thinh learnt the art of straw weaving years ago, developing a new-found passion and thus starting his micro-enterprise selling straw hats.

The reeds used for the hats are sourced naturally from the fields, and Thinh can currently craft about 5 hats a day.