ASKARI Bone Bangle

ASKARI Bone Bangle

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Artisan Origins: Nairobi, Kenya

Bold bangle handmade from upcycled brass and animal bone in Kenya.


  • Made from upcycled brass and recycled animal bone in Kenya.

Dimensions: Inner diameter of bangle is 6.4 cm.

Care Instructions:

  • Brass tarnishes with oxidation and exposure to moisture.

  • To polish your artisan's craft, use a wedge of lemon, and polish along the surface with a small cotton towel.

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Your Artisan

The ASKARI Bone Bangle is handcrafted by the artisan Elijah. Elijah is a 28 year-old artisan from Kenya, and loves creating elegant pieces from recycled brass materials.

Elijah's favorite part of his job is knowing someone will be wearing his piece! In the future, he hopes to open his own workshop to employ other young jewelry makers and artisans.

Read more about Elijah and other Kenyan artisans here.