AISHA Syrian Clutch

AISHA Syrian Clutch


The AISHA Syrian Clutch was hand-stitched with quality cotton threads in Syria, with its contemporary yet cultural design paying homage to ancient Aleppo traditions.

Syrian embroidery has a rich history that goes as far back as five thousand years.

Materials: Hand-stitched cotton, sourced and handcrafted in Syria. Metal enclosure and leather strap.

Dimensions: 25cm x 17cm

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The Syrian Clutch is hand-stitched by an internally-displaced Syrian artisan who was displaced due to conflict and violence.

Since the time of the ancient Phoenicians, Syrians have been producing some of the world’s most delicate textiles, with local craftsmen known for their skills across the empires. The women artisans are heirs to these age-long traditions.

75% of the profits from this sale goes to Sabbara Embroidery, a women-led non-profit that provides education, dignified economic opportunity, and therapy workshops for women across Syria.