MAGUEY Crocheted Body Sponge

MAGUEY Crocheted Body Sponge


The MAGUEY Sponge is handcrafted by a family of artisans in Central Mexico, using the traditional processes that are decades old.

The agave plant maguey is first harvested, with its fibers stripped by hand, before being washed in water and then dried in the sun. They are later brushed straight over a giant biznaga cactus, before being made into sponges through intricate crochet work.

A biodegradable scrubber that is both kind to the skin and the environment. 

Materials: Natural Agave plant fibers.

Dimensions: 15cm diameter.

Care Instructions:

  • This natural handmade sponge can be used anywhere – from the bathroom to kitchen.

  • Soft enough for face, body or gently washing surfaces of delicate tableware.It is durable, naturally mildew resistant, and made entirely from natural materials.

  • When not in use, it should preferably be kept in a dry place.

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These maguey sponges are handcrafted by a group of artisans in Central Mexico, using the same materials and methods that have been in place for decades.

Each piece purchased helps to support fair pay for local Mexican artisans.

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