The DAMASCENE Curved Box is handmade using traditional wood mosaic techniques. The geometric patterns are formed with an assorted range of hardwoods and highlighted with white mother-of-pearl detailing, before finishing off with a lettuce oil lacquer.

Our non-profit partner Turquoise Mountain is working in Jordan to connect Syrian and other artisans from across the Levant to global markets, helping to create sustainable incomes for producers and preserve their craft traditions.


  • Walnut wood, aloe vera wood, citrus wood, eucalyptus wood, rosewood, tinted black wood, white mother of pearl, lettuce oil lacquer.

  • Due to the nature of natural wood, the pattern, colour and details of each piece is different.

  • As they are individually made by hand, there may be some variations in shape and size. No two pieces are exactly the same.


  • 18cm x 12cm x 8cm.

Care Instructions:

  • Solid wood may expand and shrink with differences in temperature and humidity. Take care not to place your box next to radiators or anywhere subject to excessive changes in temperature or moisture content.

  • To clean the box, simply wipe down with a soft, lightly damp cloth to remove any dust. In the case of stubborn marks, a solution of mild detergent such as washing liquid may be used on the cloth. Avoid the use of bleaches.

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Your Artisan

Adbelrahman Shaaban is a master artisan specialized in wood mosaic making. Wood mosaic is one of the most traditional crafts of the region and is normally used in making boxes and side tables as well as other wooden products.

We are working with our non-profit partner Turquoise Mountain to support regional traditional craft enterprise, train the next generation of masters, and reconnect thousands of children and families with their cultural heritage.

Learn more about our Jordanian craftsmanship here.