COBRE Barro Espresso Cup

COBRE Barro Espresso Cup

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Handcrafted by an innovative artisan in Southern Mexico, who hails from a long line of well-respected pottery artisans.

Natural Oaxacan clay are sculpted by hand, and finished with a traditional green glaze. They are then pit fired in a hand-built outdoor kiln that is fueled with wood, before being pulled directly from the kiln and buried in natural sawdust.

This process with the sawdust turns the glaze from green to copper.


  • Natural clay with glaze.

  • Due to the nature of pottery, the colour and finishing of each piece is different.


  • 5.5cm x 4cm.

Care Instructions:

  • Wash by hand only, do not clean this cup in the dishwasher.

  • Food and oven safe.

  • The glaze should not come into contact with anything acidic (eg. lime juice, vinegar) or it will turn the glaze from copper back to green.

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Your Artisan

This particular artisan comes from a long line of well-respected pottery artisans. He is most famous for his sculptures, and regular exhibits work in galleries throughout Mexico. These exquisite espresso cups are miniature works of art.

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