Here are some questions we are frequently asked.

Please feel free to speak to a member of our team here if you are unable to find an answer for your question.


General Queries

What does Artisan & Fox do?

Artisan & Fox is an ethical online marketplace offering curated craftsmanship by artisans across the developing world. 

We provide a bespoke approach to bridge artisans in developing countries who are unable to access international markets independently. Our aim is to sustainably raise artisan incomes by helping their micro-enterprises expand. Artisans receive 50% of the profits from each sale on the marketplace.

We also aim to reduce gender inequality in patriarchal communities, preserve cultural heritage and nudge artisans towards more sustainable and eco-friendly production practices — all the while through ethically fashionable pieces that fit contemporary trends.


How can I know more about the artisan's products?

We include substantial product specifications, materials, size and approximate weight in each product's description.

Each product is 100% personally handmade by the artisan or micro-enterprise listed in the product page. If you have any queries, please message us directly and we'd love to help you out!


I know an artisan! How do I refer him/her to you?

Please contact Jaron at directly, or use our contact form here. We'd love to help new artisans - in expanding their micro-enterprises, exploring new co-created designs, and in providing quality and consistency benchmarking.


How do the artisans benefit from my purchase?

All of our partner artisans from the the developing world receive between 45% to 60% of the estimated gross profits from the sale of each item, before payment remittance fees. The remaining profits are reinvested into helping new artisans access the global market through platform development, zero interest micro-loan disbursements, 1-to-1 operations support, and sustainability production programmes.


Why are you not a non-profit?

We believe in sustainable solutions out of poverty for the underprivileged artisans that we work with. And it is precisely that we focus on being self-sustainable, and do not wish to be reliant on donations or grants that we have not chosen to be a charity.

As a for-profit social enterprise, we believe in Muhammad Yunus' definition of a social business. Artisan & Fox provides 50% of the profits from each sale to its maker, and the other 50% is reinvested into supporting more artisans worldwide.

Being a social enterprise also means we have greater imperative to keep our operations lean and costs minimal in order to survive in the long-term.


A product I bought some time ago is now more expensive / cheaper. Why?

We assure our partner artisans that they have significant autonomy in setting their prices to reflect fluctuating raw material costs and (seldom changing) shipment costs. As such, when material prices fall, we will reduce the retail price of the product such that the artisans still receive 50% of gross profits. But now we have lower prices and this translates to increased volumes sold. 

Likewise, when material prices rise, we have to raise the retail prices according so artisans still receive 50% of the approximate gross profit.

I want to know more about Artisan & Fox, who can I speak to?

Please contact us at, or use our contact form here!


Shipping, Exchanges and Returns

If I buy a few items at once, can you split up my order into separate boxes?

Unfortunately, we do not offer separate parcels for single orders, in order to minimize the packaging involved in each purchase.

However, each item are always fitted individually into a separate, beautiful cotton pouch, and each comes with a recycled paper card detailing its process.


Which countries do you ship your product to?

We probably ship to where you are. Artisan & Fox ships internationally to most countries, and certain international orders may also opt for express delivery, subject to an additional fee. 

For the complete list of countries we ship to, please click here.


I have confirmed my order, can I amend or cancel it?

If your order has yet to be shipped out, amendments may be made if you notify our team in time, subjected to a case-by-case basis. For enquiries with regard to your orders, please contact

Unfortunately, it is not possible for you to cancel your order once it has been dispatched for delivery.

In the case where you have received a defective item, we will cover the entire costs of replacement or provide a refund for you. Please notify us of any defects within 14 days of you receiving your order.


Contact Us

Who should I contact for further enquiries?

For general enquiries and order enquiries, you can contact our team at