Made in Burkina Faso


This collection preserves age-old artisan techniques from the Tuareg community of northern Mali,
who are currently refugees in Burkina Faso. 

Each jewelry and home decor piece fuses artisanal leather with hammered metals, such as aluminum and copper.



Crafted by Malian refugee artisans

The group of 108 Tuareg refugee artisans in the Goudebou and Mentao camps in Burkina Faso have had their outstanding skills in leather and metal work passed on through the generations.

The cultural identity and symbolism of the Tuareg are beautifully intertwined in every piece.



Africa Tiss X MADE51

Artisan & Fox is proud to partner with Afrika Tiss, part of the MADE51 initiative launched by UNHCR.

Focusing on populations in unstable situations (refugees, craftswomen in the informal economic sector), the association’s mission is to preserve and respect these populations’ history, talent, and potential in order to facilitate their social, economic, and cultural integration.

Afrika Tiss firmly believes in a co-creative approach that values creative, technical, and human exchange across cultures, much like Artisan & Fox.