4 Ways To Style Your Dress


Discover how our artisans’ crafts can complement a minimalist wardrobe with our intern Zin.

In this blog, we explore how to spruce up a simple white dress, accented by our artisans’ craftsmanship - from the lush fields of Guatemala, to the old city of Kabul. 

One way we can live more consciously and mindfully is to Buy Less, and Buy Better. This can be done by living a minimalist lifestyle, and simplifying our wardrobes into a a small number of long-lasting but versatile basics.

Discover four curated looks for the global, contemporary woman.


Waste is not waste, until we waste it.
— William James

Style your dress ethical fashion
Spring Casuals fair trade accessories.png

Simplicity is key. A focus on natural materials: straw and palm leaves craftsmanship by our artisans in Vietnam and Mexico, with a touch of brass jewellery accents.

Artisan Accents:

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Zin explores the hues of spring, with light pastels and colors. Featuring the extraordinary sky-blue Mayan shawl.

Artisan Accents:

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A look of simple elegance in neutral tones featuring artisanal jewelry and handwoven bag from Mexico.

Artisan Accents:

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Afghanistan’s craftsmanship takes center-stage in this contemporary repertoire, with hints of lapis lazuli, and eco-friendly upcycled brass.

Artisan Accents:


Every piece featured above has been handcrafted by our artisan partners. 50% of profits from each piece goes directly to their maker, and we reinvest the remaining into our social programmes, including zero-interest micro-credit, and our pro-bono refugee outreach. These pieces are no ordinary accessories, and within each craft is an embedded consciousness for a kinder, empowered fashion industry.

Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.
— William James
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