made in afghanistan

Eclectic gems from Afghanistan, merging contemporary style with Kabul’s heritage.

Each rare piece is handmade by Saeeda, whose exceptional talent as a jeweller brings her strikingly unique pieces to life.

Artisan: Saeeda

Born in a refugee camp in Peshawar, Pakistan, Saeeda persevered through life despite many challenges. She was diagnosed with cerebral meningitis as an infant in the refugee camp, a condition which took away her hearing. 

After the fall of the Taliban, Saeeda was able to continue her education. She enrolled at the Turquoise Mountain Institute, where she fell in love with the art of jewelry making.

Saeeda's exceptional designs make up this exquisite AFGHANISTAN collection, including the stunning AZUR earrings.


Lapis Lazuli Pendant (Uncut)


This precious uncut pendant is 100% Lapis Lazuli. 

Handcrafted by the artisan Saeeda in Afghanistan. Comes with a Sterling silver chain.

AMETHYST Choker, with Silver Enclosure


Fusing modernity with classic gems, this amethyst choker is plated in silver.

Made in Afghanistan. One size fits all.

MOZAIC Ring, in Brass with Lapis Lazuli


This brass ring is encrusted with Lapis Lazuli, uniquely designed and handmade by Saeeda in Kabul.

We will collect your sizing specifications after the campaign ends.


With Authentic 19th Century Silver Coin Centerpiece



This silver ring elegantly displays an authentic 19th century silver coin from Afghanistan.

Designed and handmade by the artisan Saeeda in Kabul.

AZUR Earrings 

With Silver, Brass and Lapis Lazuli  


These earrings are extraordinarily crafted with silver, brass and Lapis Lazuli.


We are very privileged to be working with Saeeda with Turquoise Mountain's generous support.

Turquoise Mountain is regenerating historic areas, reviving Afghani traditional arts and architecture, creating jobs, skills and a renewed sense of national pride for Afghan men and women.