Discover Extraordinary Artisans Across the Developing World.


Our Story

In the villages and towns of developing nations across the globe, are thousands of artisans. These talented makers - silversmiths, weavers, and others alike - often lack access to the global market. 


Hidden Makers

So we set on a journey to discover these hidden artisans and their extraordinary craftsmanship. Traversing the globe, we are learning the heartwarming stories of local artisans and their communities. Stories of craftsmanship with centuries of history.



At the same time, we discovered heartwarming stories and the artisans' bright dreams for their own futures. We want you to #KnowYourArtisan on a personal level. That is why we create individualized artisan profiles, so you too, can be inspired by their stories.


Our Social Promise

We eschew mass-produced goods made in poor conditions in sweatshops and factories. Often, workers in developing countries are exploited, working long hours for exceedingly low wages in unsafe poor conditions.

The Artisan & Fox marketplace only collaborates with ethical and responsible individual artisans, small artisan groups and social enterprises. After costs, our artisan partners receive 50% of the profits from your purchase.

We serve those who seek meaning in what they buy.


Fully Funded on Indiegogo on April 25th 2017, thanks to the support of 291 backers worldwide.